Hi! I'm Jessica. I am a mama, wife, and lawyer living in a small town north of Toronto, Ontario. My  daughter, Elizabeth (we call her "Ellie"), was born in June 2020 (hello pandemic baby!). She has a fur brother who thinks he is human - a 20-lb "toy" poodle named Ralphie. 

In 2011, I started a YouTube channel called "VictoriasCloset16," named after my mannequin (yes, I had a mannequin, yes I named her Victoria, and yes I am embarrassed that I had a mannequin named Victoria). I posted videos about beauty and fashion, sharing tips, hauls, and inspiration. However, over the years, my life changed dramatically. I went from living in my parents' home, filming out of my lilac-coloured bedroom with Victoria, to going through law school and moving in with my now-husband, to moving out of the city, buying a home and having a baby. 

These days, you won't find beauty and fashion content on my blog. Let's face it, it is a good day if I find time to throw on some CC cream and eyebrow gel, and my current take on 'fashion' is a pair of leggings (probably covered in spit-up) and a Medela pumping bra. Unless I am working, of course. In that case, I am wearing a very comfy blouse with NO PANTS (come through Zoom!). Instead, I share the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a wife, owning a home, raising a human, and being a working mom. Life is HARD and I am here to share it all with you. 

Welcome - I am so excited to have you here.

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