My name is Jessica Melody, and I am a beauty, fashion, photography, and home decor loving law student. I am 25 years old, and live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with the love of my life, who just so happens to also be a law student. In June 2011 I started a YouTube channel called "VictoriasCloset16" and absolutely loved it! Now I am a little older, and began this blog as a way to have a little place of my own online.

Its kind of like buying a house. I had to buy this site - and am now dealing with monthly payments. Then I renoed it - gave it a paint job, and hung up some paintings. You know, your average facelift. What I am left with is my own little part of the world, all to myself, where I can do and say what I please! And what I please is lots and lots of chats about makeup, beauty products, fashion, decor, cocktails, jewels, glitter, and life.

Welcome to my home! I hope you enjoy your stay.



PS: If you want to learn a bit more about me, click below to see one of my first blog posts, "Ten Things About Me".

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