Elizabeth Rose: 1 Month Update

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

My baby girl is 1 month old. Motherhood has been the hardest thing that I have ever done - by far. I have never felt more love, more guilt, more joy, or more anxiety in my entire life. 

With that said, Miss Ellie Bear is totally worth all the emotions. She is a small little peanut with the loudest voice I have ever heard. At such a young age, she knows what she likes and is not afraid to tell us. She is a good sleeper (crossing my fingers this sticks) and does super well in her Snoo. Her "Lollie" (my mum) stayed with us for the first two weeks of her life and she loves her. Oh, and she met her first friends this month! We enrolled in a "Fourth Trimester" class with three other mamas, so she has three new friends that she gets to see each week.

Here is her 1 month update:

I weigh: 8 lbs 
I have: 0 teeth
I love: My Snoo, avent pacifiers, sound machine
I hate: Being naked, baby wearing
Nicknames: Ellie Bear, Lily Beth (my mum's nickname for her)
Milestones: Passed her birth weight at two weeks
My favourite song/lullaby: N/A
My favourite bed time story: N/A
My favourite toy: Fisher Price Snuggapuppy Bouncer
Clothing: NB
Diapers: NB
Eating: A mix of breastmilk (breast and bottle feeding) and formula (Enfamil RTF)

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