Wishlist: Lilly for Target.

Have you ever been so excited for the launch of a designer line that you went out of the country to get your hands on it? No? Neither have I. Because that is crazy right?

Well, ask me the question again next Sunday and my answer will be very different.

Target is releasing their newest designer line for Target - and this time it is Lilly Pulitzer!! There are over 250 pieces in the line - from Home Decor, to clothing, to beauty items (yes - custom Lilly themed lipstick and nail polish, oh my!). The above are my favourites. 

Check out the entire line, click here!

Target used to be available in Canada, but as you might know, they all just recently shut down. Will that stop me from getting my hands on these beauties? Nope. My mum and I are driving two and a half hours on Sunday morning (and by morning, I mean an absurdly early hour in the morning) to the USA so I can shop Lilly for Target.  I could no the more excited.

My favourite piece is the pink shift dress - how AMAZINGLY adorable is it?! I am obsessed. I am reeaalllyy hoping I can find that one in my size.

Which piece from the collection is your favourite?

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