DIY Valentine's Day Gifts.

I love DIY-ing. And I love receiving DIY-ed gifts. 

They are so personal and thoughtful. I try to, at least, DIY cards I give my boyfriend for Christmas or Valentine's. This year, I am so busy, I don't think I will have time. Which is sad!! But I still wanted to give you some fun ideas you can create for your love on Valentine's.

I also love arranging for something to do with my bf, instead of buying a thing. Things will often get thrown into a closet or a corner of your home, whereas memories last forever. I have bought tickets to musicals/plays, arranged an overnight trip to a nearby city, and purchased excellent tickets to his favourite basketball team. My bf, for Christmas, bought me a voucher for a professional chef to come to our home, teach us how to cook a dish, and then serve us a 5-course meal. We haven't booked to time to do it yet, but I am very excited!! Something like that is so thoughtful, and creates a memory you will have for a lifetime. 

What are you getting for your loved one for Valentine's? Let me know in the comment section!


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