Valentine's Day Decor & My First Stella & Dot Trunkshow.

Hello loves!!

I am so happy to be blogging today!! I missed my little blog. Last weekend I was very sick and did not have the energy to film or photograph any new content. I have to build content on the weekends because I work during the week - one bad weekend and I am screwed! Haha. Not the most efficient system, but it's all I've got right now.

Today, I wanted to share with you some pictures of my very first Stella & Dot Trunkshow! I thought this would be helpful for you who are thinking of becoming a stylist, or those who are new and have yet to host/style their first show. 

The party was a ton of fun! I had over a few of my close girlfriends, and we drank champagne while gossiping and trying on sparkly things. The party was just this past Saturday, so on Valentine's Day. I honestly think that nothing could be better on Valentine's Day than getting together with your girlfriends, catching up, and having fun!! I love being with my love- but we are sweet and gooey with each other all the time! My friends are the real people I need to take a day out to appreciate and have an amazing time with.

Now that I have done a trunk show in person, I want to share the trunk show with YOU online!!!


If you would like to buy any of these pieces (or anything on the Stella & Dot website), click HERE. It will take you to my online trunk show. There are some amazing Trunk Show Exclusives available for you if you shop through my show. For example the Pyramid Stud Cuff (shown above in picture 9) is 50% when you spend only $50 or more!! Click here for a full listing of all the amazing trunk show deals.

Happy shopping loves!! I am so excited to share all these wonderful sparkles with you <3


Now on to the fun part!! Here are the names of the pieces photographed above, with links to where you can buy:

Buy through me by clicking here or going to

Picture 1: No jewelry shown.

Picture 2: Amelie Bracelet, Jackie Link Bracelet, Grace Chandeliers, Trellis Necklace, Soleil Pendent Necklace, Renegade Bracelet, Havana Pendent Necklace, Eclipse Pendent, (all other jewelry is not in focus)

Picture 3: Palmia Necklace (top right), Pastal Ikat Union Square Scarf under the Soft Mint Double Perforated Clutch (bottom left).

Picture 4: No jewelry shown.

Picture 5: Amelie Bracelet, Jackie Link Bracelet, Grace Chandeliers, Trellis Necklace

Picture 6: (on the bust forms only) - Palmia Necklace, Rebel Cluster Necklace in Silver

Picture 7: No jewelry shown.

Picture 8: (on bust form only) - Somervell Necklace in mint

Picture 9: Pave Chevron Necklace in gold, Signature Engraveable Bar in gold (engraved with my name 'JESSICA'), Bianca Earrings in gold, Signature Engraveable Bar Cuff in gold, Inspiration Bracelet in 'love', Pyramid Stud Cuff in gold, Remy Wrap Bracelet in White/Gold

Picture 10: Birdie Necklace (on left), Sutton Necklace in Silver (on right)

Picture 11: No jewelry shown.




DIY Valentine's Day Gifts.

I love DIY-ing. And I love receiving DIY-ed gifts. 

They are so personal and thoughtful. I try to, at least, DIY cards I give my boyfriend for Christmas or Valentine's. This year, I am so busy, I don't think I will have time. Which is sad!! But I still wanted to give you some fun ideas you can create for your love on Valentine's.

I also love arranging for something to do with my bf, instead of buying a thing. Things will often get thrown into a closet or a corner of your home, whereas memories last forever. I have bought tickets to musicals/plays, arranged an overnight trip to a nearby city, and purchased excellent tickets to his favourite basketball team. My bf, for Christmas, bought me a voucher for a professional chef to come to our home, teach us how to cook a dish, and then serve us a 5-course meal. We haven't booked to time to do it yet, but I am very excited!! Something like that is so thoughtful, and creates a memory you will have for a lifetime. 

What are you getting for your loved one for Valentine's? Let me know in the comment section!


January 2015 Favourites.

So it is that time of the month again - and no I am not talking about "lady time." It is time for my monthly favourites video! I haven't done one of these videos in a very long time. As many of you know, it has been extremely difficult for me to stay consistent with YouTube videos while in law school. However, I am really trying hard now to stick to a schedule - videos every Tuesday and Thursday (I know this video is being uploaded on a Wednesday, but that is because my iMovie wasn't letting me export the video last night. I finally got it to work at, like, 1:00am. Very frustrating).

Because I haven't filmed a Favourites video in so long, I had a TON of things to share with you. I figured the video would take forever if I ran through everything I have loved over the past few months, so I narrowed my favourites down. These products/fashion pieces are my all time faves - the best of the best for January. I 100% recommend them all! I think they are excellent.

Watch my January 2015 Favourites video here:

In the video, I chat about becoming a Stella and Dot stylist. I have a whole blog post dedicated to that - you can check it out here.

And if you would like to shop Stella and Dot, click here.

Here are the items I mentioned in the video:
- Tarte Tartelette Palette (this palette has all Matte eyeshadow shades)
- Covergirl lipstick, in Yummy Pink
- Covergirl lipstick, in Honeyed Bloom
- Fur scarf from Indigo (similar here)
- Stella and Dot Riviera necklace (in the pictures above, it is shown layered with the Birdie Necklace)

What were your favourites for January? Let me know in the comment section below!


Becoming a Stella & Dot Stylist.

Hello loves!

Today is a very special post. I do not usually discuss the business side of what I do on YouTube and my blog. The reason isn't because I want to hide anything from you, but is simply because there isn't much to it! As many of you know, YouTube partners do get paid for views on their videos. However my paycheck from YouTube is very small, so the beauty world has been more of a hobby to me than a business.

That said, I recently learned about a jewelry company called Stella and Dot. Stella and Dot is a jewelry and accessories company run by women. It offers women around the world the opportunity to create a business that is fun with flexible hours. 

Now, many of you know that I am a law student going into a not-so-lucratic area of law. What you may not know is that I have a ton of debt, and I wanted to do something on the side to help me out. Stella and Dot seemed like the perfect opportunity for me! It is a way to stay in the beauty and fashion industry, while making money on my own schedule!

Now, let me get one thing straight right now: I ABSOLUTELY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL RECOMMEND SOMETHING TO YOU UNLESS I 100% BELIEVE IN AND LOVE IT MYSELF. I know that many of you are like me - you also are going to school, have financial commitments, or are in debt. Your money is precious, and therefore it has been my #1 rule since starting my YouTube channel NEVER to take a paid opportunity unless I truly love the product.

With that said, I absolutely 100% love Stella and Dot. The quality of the jewelry for the money is absolutely fantastic! And all the pieces are trendy, versatile pieces that really add to your wardrobe. I literally got giddy when my first shipment of jewelry came to my door - it was better than Christmas! I have an ongoing wish list of all the pieces I want to buy, and am always checking out the Stella and Dot website. I love the company and I love the product - that is why I am sharing Stella and Dot with you.

The other cool part of me being part of Stella and Dot is that if you shop through me, I am YOUR stylist! You can message me directly on the Stella and Dot site, on instagram, twitter, or here on my blog and ask me anything you would like about how to style pieces, what piece would go with what outfit, etc. Also, if you ever have a  problem with your order, you can contact me directly. I promise to get back to you within 24 hours with an answer to your problem. I am here for YOU! 

If you have any questions at all about Stella and Dot, my experience as a Stylist, or how you can become a Stylist/hostess, please let me know! Also, I wonder if you guys would enjoy seeing behind the scenes looks of what it is like to be a stylist? I can share what I got in my very first order, how I did in jumpstart, and what my very first trunkshow was like. If you are interested, please let me know in the comment section :)


PPS: The above necklace is called the Birdie Necklace. It is absolutely beautiful  - and its versatile! The petal portion can actually come off, leaving just the gold piece. It is so pretty and my absolute favourite piece from the Stella and Dot Spring 2015 collection.

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