My Law School Study Hell.

Welcome, friends, to my study hell!

For those of you who do not know, I am a law student in my third year.  Law school, for the most part, is pretty relaxing in 3L. By this point must of us have jobs lined up for next year. So we don't go to class much, spend a lot of time with friends, and don't do readings - it is actually fun! That is ... until exam time. At exam time, the weight of not having done anything all semester and needing to at least PASS our classes comes crashing down on us. 

This is the 'world-crashing-down-on-me' state I am in now. And it sucks.

I have two exams - one in Family law, and the other in Administrative Law. My first exam is next Monday, and the last one is the following Friday. This means I am done all my exams on December 12th! I know I have had to really neglect my YouTube channel and this blog over the past 3 weeks. But it is all coming to an end soon, and I could not be happier about it.

I have a ton of Christmas and holiday videos planned for after exams, but I would love to know what you would like to see! Please comment below with any requests at all that you may have. I also want to film another Law Student Q&A, so leave your questions for that down below.

ALSO, I may be in study hell, but at least we have phones and WiFi down here! Haha. That is my fancy way of saying I am still posting to Instagram and Twitter during all this madness. So please follow me there and chat with me. Nothing is better than chatting about makeup, fashion, beauty, and the holidays with all of you - perfect form of procrastination!

Ok. I must go back to studying Family Law now .... damn.



  1. Hi Jessica, I would like to know how the whole recruiting/job searching works and worked for you.
    Also, I would like to know how you get to the point of knowing where do you want to go exactly in the future.. What field are you working in/interest you? It's not easy to find the right place in the whole sea of law's opportunities I find ;) Any advice and tips?

    Thanks and lots of love Joy

    Ps.: Please bring the LAW vlogs back.. You promised an update in you latest video ;P


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