DIY: New Years Eve & Party Decorations


I hope you all are having a perfect start to your very last day of 2014. Luckily, if your day isn't going so well, you can have a nice re-start tomorrow in 2015 :) Do you guys have plans for New Year's Eve tonight? I never have plans - last year, my bf and I stayed in at our apartment, watched Downton Abbey, and tried (key word *tried*) to stream the Ball Drop on our laptop. I was asleep on the couch by 10:30pm, which is pretty typical. Woke up just in time for the half-awake, no-makeup, probably-should-have-brushed-my-teeth kiss at midnight, and was right back to sleeping.

This year, we class it up a bit and host a party at our place. Nothing too fancy - just a get together for those who don't want to go out. Of course, the most exciting part of this party is the ability to decorate - hence this video. 

Now, before we move on - I TOTALLY KNOW THIS VIDEO IS LATE! I am the worst. BUT these DIY decor ideas are super easy and fast - you could definitely whip up one of these tomorrow morning and have it all ready by your party at night.

With that said, let's get into the DIY's:

1. Deer picture

This first DIY is this adorable deer picture. I think it is SO beautiful. And it looks super expensive. My canvas is from the dollarstore, and isn't as tight on the frame as I would have liked - you can see some sagging in the corner in this picture. Luckily in real life, you can't really tell. And the final price of this DIY was about $5. Total steal.

The deer I used is actually larger than an 8.5" x 11". I printed it on multiple sheets (4), taped the sheets together, and then cut the deer out. If you would like to download the 4-sheeted deer I used for this DIY, click here. If you would like the normal deer that is not divided into 4 pages, click here.

2. Star Garland

I love this star garland. The juxtaposition between the glam gold glitter and the rustic twine rope is amazing - totally in love! And it was SO easy and inexpensive. You would absolutely never know that I made this out of recycled Sephora boxes. This DIY was maybe $3 to do - and that is on the high side. 

You can download the star stencil I used to make this garland here.

3. NYE Wine Bottles

Seriously, pictures do not do this DIY justice. I was afraid this one was going to look really cheesy and home-made, but it actually looks SO good. The upcycled wine bottles cost nothing, and the wooden letters were only $2 each. This DIY was the most expensive, at a whopping $8. If you want to make this one even cheaper, you can cut the letters out of cardboard like the stars in DIY #2. Cover them in glitter and no one will ever know you used items that were in your recycling bin.

4. Pop Fizz Clink Cheers Picture and Frame

This is the quickest and easiest DIY of them all. If you are seeing this post really late in the game and do not have time to paint/glitter than do this! All you need is an 8"x10" frame (you can buy one new - I got mine at the dollarstore - or for a quicker fix, use a frame you already have! Just remove the picture you normally keep in the frame for the night, and place it back in when the party is over). I think this looks great on the bar, with the alcohol and champagne glasses. So cute.

To FREE download the Pop-Fizz-Clink-Cheers picture, click here.


Let me all know in the comment section if you liked this video and would like to see more DIYs. I will do them more often on my channel if I know you like them. Also, let me know what you are doing for NYE - are you an all-out glam gal that gussies up and hits the town? Or are you a stay in, no-makeup, messy bun, flannel pjs babe? I would love to know!



Review & Giveaway: Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette.

When I woke up last Tuesday, it was like Christmas came early. A new Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette? "Semi-Sweet"? With all bronzy shades? And a gorge blue shimmer shadow? YES, GIRL! YES!!

I know, I know - tis' is the season for giving, not receiving/buying for myself. That is why I bought TWO PALETTES!! One for me and one for you! GIVEAWAY TIME!

(Side note: It is still "giving" if you also get yourself a gift, right?)

If you would like to see swatches of the colours from this palette, and learn about how you can win a Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar for yourself, watch this video:

As you will see from the video, I love this palette. The colours are so gorgeous and blend beautifully. I am actually wearing "Peanut Butter", "Truffled", "Caramel", and "Licorice" on my eyes in the video. Super pretty. Especially if you have blue or green eyes, these colours would look so beautiful. It will also be a great summer palette, with the really pretty gold and bronze shades.

There have actually been a ton of new palettes released recently. Which ones are you putting on your wish list? Let me know in the comment section - I would love to know!



My Law School Study Hell.

Welcome, friends, to my study hell!

For those of you who do not know, I am a law student in my third year.  Law school, for the most part, is pretty relaxing in 3L. By this point must of us have jobs lined up for next year. So we don't go to class much, spend a lot of time with friends, and don't do readings - it is actually fun! That is ... until exam time. At exam time, the weight of not having done anything all semester and needing to at least PASS our classes comes crashing down on us. 

This is the 'world-crashing-down-on-me' state I am in now. And it sucks.

I have two exams - one in Family law, and the other in Administrative Law. My first exam is next Monday, and the last one is the following Friday. This means I am done all my exams on December 12th! I know I have had to really neglect my YouTube channel and this blog over the past 3 weeks. But it is all coming to an end soon, and I could not be happier about it.

I have a ton of Christmas and holiday videos planned for after exams, but I would love to know what you would like to see! Please comment below with any requests at all that you may have. I also want to film another Law Student Q&A, so leave your questions for that down below.

ALSO, I may be in study hell, but at least we have phones and WiFi down here! Haha. That is my fancy way of saying I am still posting to Instagram and Twitter during all this madness. So please follow me there and chat with me. Nothing is better than chatting about makeup, fashion, beauty, and the holidays with all of you - perfect form of procrastination!

Ok. I must go back to studying Family Law now .... damn.



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