Review: MAKE UP FOR EVER Studio Case.


I am so happy to be posting this video today :) I wanted to get my hands on this bessy for SO LONG. It is just SO pretty. And I have been dying to try the new formulation of the Makeup Forever eyeshadows since they were released not long ago. 

First off, I really do love this palette. WATCH THIS VIDEO FOR A FULL REVIEW:

Although this palette is not packaged up with nutcrackers and tinsel, it is the perfect christmas or holiday gift for someone who loves makeup. Especially for the beginner, this is so great. In Canada, this sucker is $68, so the price tag is steep. However, the Makeup Forever brand is excellent (and expensive) and you do get your money's worth out of this palette.

Now, for the negatives about this product (because I always seem to find some!) - the packaging is not great for makeup collectors, like me. I love makeup. I love eyeshadow. And I have a lot of it. I do not, however (like some other girls on YouTube) have a makeup closet or room devoted to storing said makeup and eyeshadow. So, for me the packaging is frustratingly clunky and large. That said, for the normal person without so much makeup, the case is adorable.  The other problem, and you can see this in the video/in the swatches, is that some of the colours (maybe 3/12) are not very pigmented. But the rest of the colours are GORGEOUS and even the less pigmented colours are build able.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know in the comment section if there are any holiday products you would like me to review in the upcoming weeks!


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