Fan Girl Friday: Whitney Hedrick.

Friday. Yes! Wooo!! I hope you are all out having an amazing night partying it up, with your glitter liner, false lashes, and sky high pumps. Of course, I am sitting in my apartment alone drinking red wine right now, so my Friday is really bumpin' ....

I do have some fun news for you guys! From now on, Friday is going to be 'Fan Girl Friday'. Every Friday I am going to pick out either a YouTuber or blogger (or maybe both) and tell you why I love him/her! I think YouTubers and Bloggers should share the love as often as we possibly can. I know that my #1 favourite thing to do in my down time is to watch other beauty guru's videos and read other blogger's blogs.  I could do it for HOURS.  In fact, I often do it for hours ... I just did it for hours ... with my wine ... and my empty apartment ... I am a party animal, let me tell ya. 

In my defence, I am in full makeup, complete with glitter shadow. HA! I wish I were kidding.

OK! So this week I am fan girl-ing hard over Whitney Hedrick. This beauty is a makeup artist who blogs and YouTubes. She is (a) stunning; (b) uber talented; (c) rocking the cutest shoulder length hairstyle; (d) extremely inspiring. Her eye makeup is on point in every single video. Like, ON POINT! So amazing. And as an extra bonus, she has some amazing tattoos (I am obsessed with tattoos now because I am getting my very first one next month!)

Here is all the information on where you can find Whitney:

Twitter: @WhitneyLHedrick

I adore you.
<3 - Fan Girl.


PS - I HAVE A QUESTION!! Do any of you girls know of a new YouTuber or blogger you absolutely love? We all know the really big gurus, but I am looking for the girls that are newer or haven't gotten the recognition they deserve. Let me know in the comment section below!

Review: Mac Holiday Pigment Set.

I love Christmas. I love the holidays. I love glitter. And above all, I LOVE MAC!!

Today, I am reviewing one of the three pigment holiday sets from the Objects of Affection collection at MAC. There really is not much to say about this product. It is absolutely stunningly gorgeous. The pictures do not do these pigments justice. 

There are three sets available for purchase: a blue-silver set, a bronze set, and the one I purchased, a pink-rose set.  All of the sets are beautiful. Personally, I like the blue-silver and pink-rose sets the best. The bronze set is not as flashy as the other two, and for the holidays I like to be as flashy as possible. 

The best part about these sets is that in each, in addition to four pigments, there is a pure glitter shade. In the swatches above, the middle colour is the pure glitter. It really is like very fine craft glitter - pure and beautiful. I applied each of the swatches above without any primer except the glitter. It really would be impossible to wear this without a base - it would go everywhere. I applied the glitter over my Too Faced Glitter Glue which worked wonders! As you can see, it made the glitter apply completely opaque and it was NOT coming off.  I definitely recommend buying the Too Faced Glitter Glue if you plan on wearing the glitter shade. In fact, it works great with the pigments as well - by far my favourite primer.

The price of this set is $42 here in Canada, which I believe is extremely reasonable. For five pigments? That is unbelievable. And although these pigments are not full sized, I promise you will never go through this smaller sized pigment, let alone the full sized product. 

Conclusion? Buy these. RUN. RUN TO YOUR LOCAL MAC COUNTER NOW (can you tell I am obsessed with this holiday set?)


Review: NARS Audacious Lipsticks.

Today I am reviewing the NARS Audacious lipsticks, which I had to pick up during the Sephora VIB sale for 20% off (ps, it is a really great thing that the VIB sale is now over. The amount I purchased is ... well, let's just say its a LOT).

These lipsticks are GORG. Just beautiful. First of all, I am a sucker for packaging. The cap of the lipstick tube magnetically attaches to the rest of the tube, which is SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY WITH! I adore it. And the actual lipstick? I have never in my life tried a lipstick with so much pigment. One swipe, and that's it. That really is all you need.  The colour selection is beautiful - definitely more 'adult', without as many brights and nudes. But trust me, if there are any nudes and brights to be found, I WILL FIND THEM!! 

Which brings me to the two colours I purchased:
- Raquel, the lightest shade NARS offers. It is a peachy nude
- Claudia, one of the brightest colours. This is a bright, mid toned, barbie pink.

The only problem, and I am sure you all see this coming, is the price tag. Each of these lipsticks - BRACE YOURSELF - is $37 here in Canada. THIRTY-SEVEN!!! They are crazy expensive (aka why I only have two to review for you today). But they are absolutely beautiful and definitely luxurious enough to be worth the money if you are looking for something special.


Review: MAKE UP FOR EVER Studio Case.


I am so happy to be posting this video today :) I wanted to get my hands on this bessy for SO LONG. It is just SO pretty. And I have been dying to try the new formulation of the Makeup Forever eyeshadows since they were released not long ago. 

First off, I really do love this palette. WATCH THIS VIDEO FOR A FULL REVIEW:

Although this palette is not packaged up with nutcrackers and tinsel, it is the perfect christmas or holiday gift for someone who loves makeup. Especially for the beginner, this is so great. In Canada, this sucker is $68, so the price tag is steep. However, the Makeup Forever brand is excellent (and expensive) and you do get your money's worth out of this palette.

Now, for the negatives about this product (because I always seem to find some!) - the packaging is not great for makeup collectors, like me. I love makeup. I love eyeshadow. And I have a lot of it. I do not, however (like some other girls on YouTube) have a makeup closet or room devoted to storing said makeup and eyeshadow. So, for me the packaging is frustratingly clunky and large. That said, for the normal person without so much makeup, the case is adorable.  The other problem, and you can see this in the video/in the swatches, is that some of the colours (maybe 3/12) are not very pigmented. But the rest of the colours are GORGEOUS and even the less pigmented colours are build able.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know in the comment section if there are any holiday products you would like me to review in the upcoming weeks!


Huge Sephora Haul.


I swear, I think the universe does not want me uploading a video today. First, my camera's lens crashed on the floor and broke in half (whoops). Then, my iMovie refuses to export the edited video. And finally, YouTube corrupts when I try to upload the video. Geez. But don't you worry - I am a stubborn, STUBBORN lady.

As you can tell by the title of this post, I did some shopping (cue the guilt) - Too Faced, Tarte, Glam Glow, MAC, Givenchy, and Clinique, OH MY! If you would like to see everything I bought, watch my haul video:

Here is a list of all the items featured in the video, and links for where you can get them. For all of you Sephora Beauty Insiders, you can get 15% off starting NOW on all of these items. And VIB? 20% starting tomorrow. Needless to say, I smell another blog coming soon .... (cue the extra guilt and excitement).

* Too Faced La Creme Lipstick, in Marshmallow Bunny
* MAC Lipstick, in Relentlessly Red (Retro Matte)
* MAC Lipstick, in Sweet and Sour (Creamsheen)

ALSO, for those of you wondering, the Kimono top I am wearing in the video is from Forever 21. You can find it here (in the colour Wine).

I hope you enjoy this video! Let me know if you like my haul videos. I just recently placed an order from Makeup Geek, plus with the Sephora VIB Sale? Yeaaahhhh there can definitely be another haul if you would like to see it.


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