Review: FabFitFun VIP Box.

Despite 24 hours of not being able to upload this video and a headache that just won't go away, I am still VERY EXCITED that today marks the first day back on YouTube. It was so weird filming again - you forget how odd it is casually chatting with a camera lens until you stop doing it for 6 months. 

Today, I am reviewing the Fall 2014 'FabFitFun' subscription box, from the creators of the website Here are all the details you need to know:

Box Details
Name:                                                FabFitFun
Price:                                                $49.95
What's in the box:                              Products related to wellness, beauty, fashion, and health
How often the box is released:           Seasonally (every 3 months)
Value of box:                                     Over $225 value per box

** DISCOUNT CODE:     victoria10     <-- for $10 off!!

I really loved this box, and am very excited to purchase the next one. Watch this video to see me unboxing the Fall 2014 box:


Oh Netherlands. My beautiful Netherlands.

You took me by surprise and stole my heart.

With your canals, and architecture, and bikes that almost killed me.

With your art, archways, and artisinal marijuana.

With your international recognition as the hub for justice.

Also, did I mention the men are hot there? (Sorry love - if you are reading this. But if you visit Brazil, I FULLY expect you to come back and say that the women are hot there). Because they are HOT.

I miss you and hope to be with you again soon.



Back in May, I went on a trip to Europe.

"But Jess, you are a law student - how the hell did you afford a Euro trip?!" 

Good question. I didn't afford it. The trip was paid for by my LAW SCHOOL .... RIGHT?! I joined a mooting* team at the begining of my second year, and our competitve rounds were in New York, and The Hague. I mean, come on!

Moral of the story - when you are paying a crazy amount for school, always make sure you find the best ways to get your money back.

Moving right along - as I said, the competition was in The Hague, Netherlands and lasted a week. But I decided to go to London England first (aka my fave place ever) for a few days to visit one of my great friends, and then met up with my bestie (can you still use this term at 25? Or is this slang only pre-teens can get away with...) in Amsterdam for a quick, but awesome 24 hours. 

I love photography, and given my lack of financial stability, I spent $0 and a ton of my time taking pictures of everything beautiful in London and Amsterdam. 1650 pictures in total. Ridiclous. I just finished going through all these pictures a couple of days ago, and decided to share with you a few of my favourites. 

FIRST UP - my pictures of London. Enjoy!


Mooting n. A hypothetial appelate case argued by law students.

Ten Things About Me.

As this is only my second blog post, and many of you may not know much about me, I thought I would play this little game every blogger everywhere has played - list ten things you [reader] may not know about me [blogger]. 

<< HERE WE GO >>

10.   I am currently going into my last year of law school.
9.     I want to be a criminal lawyer ... or a broadway star. Whatever happens to me first.
8.     Those who know me know I have extremely chubby feet. Its a thing.
7.     I live in Toronto, but have always dreamed of living in London England.
6.     Cheese.... And wine.  Cheese and wine.
5.     My preference is to watch what is typically - and wrongly - referred to as "crappy television" (don't be mad Teen Mom, The Bachelor, The Hills, Laguna Beach, Real Housewives of New Jersey ....)
4.     I love tulle. And pink. And glitter. And gold. I promise, I am not still 5 years old.
3.     My not-so-guilty pleasures include Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Destiny's Child. 
2.     I am very lucky that my boyfriend is also my best friend.
1.     Hi. My name is Jessica. And I am a shop-o-holic.

That's it! I hope you learned a bit more about me. Let me know some things about you in the comment section - I would love to learn more about you!


Where I've Been.

This is my very first post - and the first time I am chatting with you all - in months, besides Instagram and Twitter - [cue a sorority girl 'wooooo']. I am sad I have been gone for so long, and that I let being self-conscious on the internet stop me from doing what I used to love. But I am also happy! Writing has always been something I have loved and I am excited to start this blog and make it my little 'happy place' online. To, kind of, re-start, re-brand, and make something new! 

Now - for all of you who are sitting thinking "what the hell is she talking about", I will explain. My name is Jessica Melody, and about 3 years ago I started a YouTube channel called "VictoriasCloset16". I vlogged about everything beauty and fashion related - from my favourite brand of lip gloss, to what I love about hair extensions (ummm everything), to why pink is the new black. You know, your average topics of conversation.  

In 2012, I started law school (I am now going into my third and final year). And balancing vlogging and school was kind of impossible. It wasn't as much a choice to put my beauty channel on the back burner while I was in school as much as it was a necessity.  

But, honestly, I think even if I weren't in law school, I still would have taken a break from the whole online thing. I went through a bit of a self-esteem dip this year - ironically coinciding with one of the best things to have ever happened to me. At the end of my first year, I broke up with my 100%-not-right-for-me boyfriend of four years.  And two weeks after that, I started dating the love of my life. The whole thing was super fast, and crazy! Within a month, I not only was with someone else but also living with that someone else - and I have been living with that someone else happily ever since!  But moving in with even the love of your life can be hard. Add a job that exhausts you, and two crazy years of law school to the mix, and what you have left is NOT MUCH! Not much energy, not much will-power, not a whole hell of a "much".  This led to me eating awful food and not even coming close to exercising. And let me tell you, folks, if I was 18 and this happened, I would still be a twig. But WHO KNEW that at the ripe ol' age of 25, the metabolism already starts thinking "you know what? Eff it".  I gained about 20 lbs (more on this in a post coming up) and filming on YouTube with all the pretty skinny people wasn't fun for me anymore. 

But something kind of changed not long ago.  I started working out regularly and eating ... well ... better. And I wish I could say the weight just slid right off, but it didn't! That is when I realized I have to snap out of my funk and be happy with what and who I am now. Spending hours - HOURS - a day self-critizing: "I am so much bigger than that girl". "You think you can rock a crop-top? Think again. Only mumus for you", "Is it possible that my hips are THIS big" - it's fucking exhausting. And who cares?! So what if I gained a bit of weight. As long as I feel healthy and am happy, I don't see the point in worrying about it (can I get an 'amen' up in here?!).  

So here I am. I decided I need a rebrand - a new 'me' online.  Instead of hiding behind an alias - VictoriasCloset16 - I am now going by my name "Jessica Melody". And with this change means sharing with you the real me, and embracing every bit of it. I am so excited to start this journey with you.


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